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The Philosophical Meaning of Coronavirus Pandemic


The world is moving towards its own self-consciousness. For the first time, earthlings perceive themselves as an organic whole connected to each other. This should be celebrated. Globalization has reached its maturity with this crisis. One of the few parameters which are unquestionably clear is that globalization is complete. There’s no going back. Everyone realized that they were bound together by an invisible network. We will now be able to use the phrase “rest of the world” in special meanings. The consciousness of being earthling keeps people on earth together and alive.

The collective consciousness of humanity is awakened through attention to the deaths of foreigners in distant countries, thanks to the fact that everyone on the earth, where the economy lines and communication channels are globalized, thinks the same thing, approaches the other with interest, or stays away from it with interest. Everyday life, threatened by viruses and at risk of death, allows people to comprehend the common destiny of being on the same boat. The conditions of a global dream-sphere are being prepared. The world thinks the same thing for the first time; it increases self-confidence by acting together in a war where the enemy is not human. The struggle between the siblings was until an external threat came; humanity remembered this.

The families are getting to know themselves. They test their coexistence skills. The legs of the trivet of the business, education, and holiday triangle are broken. The concepts of working from home, distance education, and entertainment at home point to a new cultural situation. Urgent digital tool kits for individual or collective living in the home are needed. Families with low ability to cohabit met the risk of dispersal in the near or distant future.

Domestic communication has become one of the most critical capabilities. Adults who are outside at office hours, 230 days of the year, are now constantly at home. Short domestic practices such as watching television, playing games, chatting and phone calls, house cleaning, and self-care are being put under great pressure. If the process is prolonged, it will get permanent transformations. The usual visits of the elderly and the daily practices of the elderly from home to the park were disrupted.

A natural opportunity arose for one to communicate with itself, which could happen once in a thousand years. Loneliness and staying away from crowds was a special piece of advice to self-seeking elites, but everyone had this high-level opportunity. People are alone with themselves. The most serious leak that divides this qualified silence is social media.

At the beginning of the third millennium, the value of being human was debated on a global level and simultaneously. The care shown to the elderly showed that we can still live up to a human ideal that is at peace with childhood and looks forward to the future with hope. The elderly were not left to die. Luxury and gaudiness are about to lose some meaning they have gained under other people’s gazes. People will find time to review their importance and priorities. The meaning of life has to be simplified.

We’re dealing with a new form of loneliness. Isolation within everyone leads to feelings and thoughts at various depths depending on the lifetime of the epidemic.

Time may not be an excuse anymore. It was thought to be impossible, but the available time that everyone is looking for is now at their disposal for relationships that they want to fix, watch, call, talk and read. Everyone is more available now. We had the opportunity to see that time is an acceleration gin stuck between the consumption mechanism. The thesis that “time is cash” is no more than a popular myth.

Two centuries of economic order established according to the daily work order is at risk. The world’s operating system has to adapt quickly to the global crisis situation. Any system that fails to adapt will either restructure itself with fierce criticism or be subjected to noisy destruction. There is no escape from capitalism to communism, but the restructuring of the existing order is inevitable.

The public influence of mainstream media really regressed for the first time due to the influence of alternative media. The need for quick access to reliable information is being met by social media. There is no boss of news on social media. Poor control and the absence of threshold guards has been the biggest advantage of social media. Instant messaging programs like WhatsApp are completely out of official control. In social media, news that escaped control, albeit weak, is spreading here at the speed of the virus. WhatsApp’s groups are executing the most important and greatest mission in their short history.

The information age has been a natural and official beginning. Technology has shown that, under the guidance of science, it is the salvation of humanity. It’s a gift to humanity by an objective and well-structured network that connects people and things. We need to re-discuss what will illuminate the way out of the difficult times people are in. We need to prepare for a period where societies that do not make the biggest investment to science and technology will begin to pay for their lethargy more severely and clearly.

The crisis has not destroyed humanity but work and life order so far. We are directed to find a way to make our existence together with our bodies unnecessary. This crisis is forcing people to migrate from physical streets into cyberspace. Our digital life skills in cyberspace will enter a rapid development phase. The crisis is only a real threat to those whose digitalization rate is slow and digital life skills are low. It is a threat to communities that have not previously made sufficient investment in digitalization skills. We will witness the form of social change in which the threat will take place. The millennium generation witnesses the first global event.

The crisis matures humanity. A new life experience is being added to the human gene. The crisis strengthens humanity’s immune system. But just as experience leads to an elderly person, humanity, which has matured one level more with the epidemic, will no longer be able to act with as much irresponsible freedom as it used to when making decisions. Unfortunately, such shared experience of humanity is very scarce.

Death is so clearly close to humans for the first time. We all feel death.

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